Global Risk Management & Insurance Surveyors

Global Risk management & Insurance Surveyors (GRM), is a client-based, service-oriented firm that utilizes a cost-effective professional approach to deliver quality services to current and prospective clients. GRM provides professional Fire Audit consulting and training services to Insurance Companies, public and private organizations, Government, small businesses, NGOs and international agencies.

We have a team of professional consulting associates having more than 60 years of combined experiences in the business of training, Risk management, Fire Audit  assessments etc.  GRM utilizes the team’s diverse backgrounds and overall comprehensive interpersonal and organizational skills to deliver quality and effective service.

The company (GRM) was registered in Kenya in 2008 and is a client-based, service-oriented firm. The Principal officer, Anthony Obare has been carrying out similar assignments whilst at AON from the year 2000up-to 2003 and then at Swiss Reinsurance based at the South Africa Office as Vice President Risk Management for English Speaking Africa. The consulting firm utilizes a cost-effective professional approach to deliver value for money quality services to current and prospective clients. GRM provides professional Risk management audit,  consulting and training services to public and private organizations, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions, Government agencies and parastatal organizations, small businesses, NGOs and international agencies. Since 2008, GRM has built a team of professional consultants and associates.

Our Vision

To be the best African based Inspection and Fire Risk Consulting firm providing efficient services in Africa.

Our Mission

To be an African based ethical and innovative consulting firm that provides value- for-money consulting services in an efficient and effective manner, always sensitive to the ever-changing customer needs. Our advice and proposals are always transparent and based on our understanding of the clients’ situations at hand and what we sincerely believe is the best way forward.


We are a regional firm based firm.  Our offices are located in Nairobi-Kenya within the Central business district on 5th floor of travel house opposite city hall annex.

Core Business Areas

Our core consulting expertise is as shown below:-

  • Fire & Perils Risk Assessment & training
  • Fire disaster  Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning
  • Fire Risk Survey,( Anthony is a  Registered Government Fire Auditor.)
  • Valuation for assets such as Plant and Machinery
  • Fidelity guarantee Risk assessment
  • Engineering Projects Risk assessment & Training
  • Contractors’ all risks
  • Erection all Risks
  • Business Interruption analysis to establish adequate indemnity Period
  • Goods in Transit Risk assessment
  • Product liability Risk assessment
  • Public Liability and Products
  • Fire Audit (OSHA)
  • Environmental Risk assessment
  • Work Environment Surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity.

Collaborations & Networking

We collaborate and network with other credible consultants and institutions locally, regionally and internationally to enhance capacity for the benefit of our clients.

Experiences in and Knowledge of Developing Countries

Our staff have thorough knowledge, skills and experiences in the provision of Risk Consulting services as well as in undertaking Risk Management . See details in document

Regional Blend of Professional Expertise

We have a blend of seasoned regional consultants who are tested and proven over a period of time and have thorough knowledge, skills and experience in Fire Audit and training services. The Our team has consulted widely in the Eastern and Central Africa regions, especially in South Africa, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo,  Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania and Zambia. Secondly, the team members have full understanding of the local environment in the country.

Organization Structure

GRM & IS has offices in Nairobi, with plans to open in Kampala, Dar es Salaam   and Juba.
Fire Audit, Fire disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning.